Тест на визначення рівня володіння англійською мовою

Дорогі учасники Олімпіади NEO!

Для того щоб змагання були чесними та відповідали вашій категорії знань, ми пропонуємо вам пройти тест. 

Цей тест складається з 60 запитань, він допоможе визначити ваш рівень  підготовки з англійської мови, та розподілити вас у категорію учасників, які мають такий же рівень знань, як і ви.

Таким чином ви зможете змагатися за перемогу у рівних можливостях з іншими учасниками

На проходження тесту ви маєте 70 хвилин!

Просимо вас не використовувати допоміжні засоби (Інтернет, словники, підручники) це може хибно вплинути на результат тесту і розподілити вас не в коректну категорію для змагань

Результати тесту ви отримаєте на електронну пошту

1. Hello, Ed. ______________________? -I’m OK , thank you!

2. In England people usually _______________ hands when they first meet.

3. _______________ is this T-shirt?

4. I ______________ to Italy last summer.

5. My birthday is _________ October

6. She speaks English __________ than her brother.

7. I usually wake up ___________ 7 o’clock.

8. My uncle’s ___________ farmer in Texas

9. Can I have a ____________________ sandwich please?

10. Yesterday was ____________________ day of the year.

11. ____________ kids over there are from my school.

12. They ___________________ their essays yet.

13. October is my _____________ month of the year.

14. Don’t ____________ ! You’ll do it!

15. I’m really interested __________ modern art.

16. Nurses often ____________ to work at night.

17. He was born ____________ the 8th century BC.

18. This boy ____________ for school.

19. We can run really ________________.

20. The students __________________________ very loudly when their teacher walked in the room.

21. George likes giving presents. He’s very _________________!

22. He_________________________ his breakfast, took his bag and went to school.

23. Can I try these blue ______________ please?

24. I always wanted a hamster, _____________ my parents got me one for my birthday.

25. I’m a bit worried about my mother. It’s 9pm but she _________ me yet.

26. You have to work hard and ______________ your English skills.

27. We have booked the holiday in Cyprus. We ___________ next month.

28. Ella came in and suggested __________ to the cinema.

29. We’ll go to the theatre if we ________________ the tickets.

30. Take your umbrella _______________ it rains.

31. I don’t like __________________ to strangers.

32. Peter ____________ to school when he lived in the village.

33. I can’t find my car key ______________. I checked every pocket but it’s not there.

34. Our Mom ___________________ arrived. Let’s go to say hello.

35. Victor has _______________ finished his painting. Let’s look at it.

36. We were so ____________________ that we decided to leave earlier.

37. The ____________ made it very hard to see the road ahead.

38. The red color is often associated __________ anger.

39. This is my favourite movie. I _____________ it three hundred times!

40. He is a talented actor but he is a bit too _________ to perform in front of audience.

41. When I arrived, my sister ___________ soup.

42. Every evening I go to meet my friends. We ______ in the local park.

43. When I _________ to the shop, I realized that I _______________ my wallet in another bag.

44. My friend will throw a Halloween party this weekend. We all have to ___________.

45. You haven’t seen it, __________________?

46. My doctor ___________ me I should lose some weight.

47. Oh no! I failed the test! I ______________ better.

48. I’ve just booked our plane tickets. We ______________ on 13th of November!

49. If I ________ earlier, I wouldn’t have been late for work.

50. Oh no! My phone is broken! I need to take it to the service center to __________.

51. This movie wasn’t ______________ , so we decided to watch something else.

52. By the time I’m 30, I _______________ ten novels!

53. We learn a lot of interesting subjects at school, such as biology, geography, chemistry, _________.

54. We tried to cook dinner but forgot to set the timer and burnt it completely. That evening we __________ eating pizza.

55. Make sure you’ve had all the necessary documents before going abroad, ______ you ‘ll have to spend a lot of time trying to sort this out while crossing the border.

56. use this sentence in the reported speech: Please don’t do it, - Mary said

57. My psychologist told me to _________ a new hobby.

58. I ran into my friend the other day. So we decided to ________.

59. I don’t know what to do here in this task. Could you please ___________?

60. I’ve got 50 pounds, five _________ 10 pounds each.


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